Writing a book is a vulnerable thing, and it can be incredibly difficult to find an editor you feel safe handing your work off to for polishing. Finding a workable combination of chemistry, experience, and affordability can sometimes be a process of trial and error. The right editor won’t just accept your money in exchange for their time and expertise, they’ll become a vital part of your team.

Rates and Services

Copy/Line Editing

Combined review of spelling, grammar, and punctuation with a line-by-line look at style, clarity, flow, and consistency.


A final review to check for typographical errors after editing and before the manuscript goes to print.


Copy/Line Editing: .02/word ($20/1000 words)
Proofreading: .005/word ($5/1000 words)

FIRST-TIME CLIENT: .009/word ($9/1000 words) copy/line edit


Rate includes one editing pass

Non-refundable 25% deposit required to book

Rescheduling/late submission of scheduled manuscript will be at my discretion to protect my schedule and the scheduled work of other clients.

I ACCEPT PAYMENT PLANS (2, 4, 6 monthly payments, email to discuss)


Thinking about working together? Want more information about payment plans, rates, or booking?